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Personal Injury lawsuits resulting from commercial truck accidents can be very difficult to handle. Typically, accidents involving trucks are more complex than the more general automobile accidents. Most of the time, multiple parties may be liable. State and federal laws set distinct standards for safety, and investigations include uncommon aspects that would not apply in a car accident. When coming across a trucking accident lawsuit, it may be best to seek expert advice from a truck accident lawyer Miami. You need to hire a truck accident lawyer Miami immediately after the accident to make sure all evidence is preserved and not destroyed.

Commercial Truck Accident

Accidents involving commercial trucks can present some unique issues. For example, if a big truck were to sideswipe your car, it is likely that you can sue other parties besides the truck driver. A business of commercial trucking usually involves the company who employs the driver, the driver himself, the owner of the truck, and the company that was hired to transport the goods. Any of these parties may be responsible for the accident and injuries.

Truck Accident Causes

Trucks are considerably bigger than most vehicles. Accidents with large trucks can be very devastating. Among the common errors for large trucks that cause accidents are:

  • Equipment failure: sometimes the equipment does not operate properly, even when the driver is safe. Parties liable for the defective part include the installer, manufacturer, company refurbishing the part, and mechanic repairing the vehicle.
  • Mistakes by the drivers: Some drivers don’t operate these large vehicles safely. They need special licensing and training to handle safety concerns. For example, driving too many hours without proper rest endangers the driver and passengers on the road.
  • Following trucking policies: Some trucking companies have unrealistic expectations for their employees that create dangerous situations on the road.

What should I do after a Truck Accident?

It’s important taking a few steps after going through a truck accident. This can greatly impact the chances of getting full compensation:

  • Call your doctor to undergo an examination. This will help to properly document your injuries.
  • Contact the police immediately so you can write an accident report that will preserve the evidence.
  • Take photographs of the accident.
  • Gather all the information you can.
  • Leave your vehicle the way it is. This is best to calculate the repair estimate.
  • Hire a Miami injury lawyer to handle your case.

Commercial Trucks Laws

State and federal safety standards regulate commercial trucking. Special laws are administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the US Department of Transportation, and several state departments take control of all aspects ranging from the driver’s license to the vehicle inspection. Checking precise compliance with each regulation may establish the entire scope of liability in a trucking accident. Present or past failures by trucking parties to satisfy these regulations serve as proof for a personal injury lawsuit.

Liability by Truck Permit Holders

In the past, most trucking businesses and companies tried to completely avoid liability by requiring drivers to operate their own personal truck as an independent owner-operator. Many truck companies claimed that liability did not go further than the driver because they were completely independent. The federal government outlawed this form of defense by implementing the liability of permitted truck businesses and companies for every aspect of the operation, even if the driver happens to be independent.

Commercial Truck Accident Investigations

State and federal laws require certified truck inspectors to investigate all commercial trucks involved in the accident before it is removed from the accident scene. Most commercial trucks also contain dashboard computers, which record any significant information. This may include the number of rest stops the driver takes, the speed of the truck at any given time, the number of times the driver pressed on the brakes, and any other type of information that could be invaluable in a personal injury case. Your Miami injury lawyer should be aware that requesting this information is essential before the company disposes it in the course of business.

Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer Miami

Personal injury and trucking accidents can be quite difficult to solve on your own. Hiring a Miami injury lawyer is the best thing you can do for yourself. Since each case is unique the way they are handled can also be very different and complicated. Personal injury lawyers deal with many cases each day. They have the most experience to guide you in the process and help you fill out the required documentation. Contact a law firm in your area if you need someone to help find the best legal resources for your situation.