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If you or loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a swimming pool accident you may be entitled to receive compensation and may have other rights as well. A swimming pool accident lawyer can represent victims and their families. It’s essential filing an injury claim as soon as possible to ensure that you have the resources required to assist you as a pool victim. Seeking legal guidance from a swimming pool accident lawyer can be very useful. Although no amount of money can compensate the loss of a loved one. Fighting to ensure the accident never happens again is critical. Contact a swimming pool accident lawyer today.

Swimming pool accidents statistics in Miami

Miami’s hot and humid climate is perfect to take a refreshing bath in the swimming pool. However, accidents in the swimming pool are very common in South Florida and they can be very dangerous. Sadly, each day in our nation nine people drown.

Also, the second leading cause of accidental death among children ages 1 to 14 is drowning. The drowning rate among male children is twice as much that of female children and most drownings happen in domestic swimming pools. About 11% of pool drownings happen in children under age 5. According to statistics from the Florida Department of Health about 7.9 accidental drownings happen for every 1000, 0000 people in children 1 to 14 years old.

Main causes of Swimming Pool Injuries

Most swimming pool accidents are caused by negligent supervision. Lack of barriers and insufficient supervision can lead to a devastating accident. For example, kids who drown, according to statistics, were out of sight from their parents. Adult and adolescent deaths in the swimming pool are generally caused by alcohol because it impairs the balance, judgment and coordination. Besides poor supervision, accidents can also be caused be defective equipment. Improperly maintained pools such as not cleaning the pool regularly can make people sick, especially children who easily pass diseases between each other. There are also defective drains gates, and fences that can pose a serious hazard.

Swimming pool safety according to Florida swimming pool laws

Pool owners should carefully follow swimming pool laws:

  • Barriers: Swimming pools in Florida are required to have a barrier of at least 48 inches high around it. This barrier cannot have gaps and it must enclose the pool completely. It must not be placed right next to the pool to stop other swimming accidents from happening.
  • Barriers for pools above the ground: The above requirements should be enough for these barriers. Pool walls should be at least 4 feet high. Ladders for these pools should be removable and protected to prevent their use.
  • Gates: Gates should open outward and must swing shut after being release by the individual closing the gate.
  • Barrier Positioning: The barrier should not be positioned next to an item kids could climb and jump over the barrier. Walls can serve as barriers as long as there no windows or doors where someone can access the pool.

Swimming pool liability in a lawsuit

Pool owners should be responsible to keep their pools safe especially for children who may not know how to swim or understand how dangerous it could be. They should prevent access to the pool by fencing it when young children are around otherwise they may enter the pool area. Certain dangers such as slippery surfaces or diving in inappropriate places can pose a risk. Failing to warn licensees or invitees will make the pool owner liable. Owners of a pool at a hotel or club are liable as well for not providing emergency safety equipment such as life savers. In large pools open to the public or public pools, are owned by municipality, the owner of the pool is liable when an accident occurs. Premises liability can’t apply to an individual that has been injured as a result of his or her negligent behavior.

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