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A majority of medical malpractice lawsuits are a direct result of the delayed or incorrect diagnosis of a medical illness, injury or condition. A Misdiagnosis Attorney Miami understands how these type of misdiagnoses can change your life forever. When a physician’s misdiagnosis results in improper or deferred treatment or no treatment whatsoever, the patient’s condition can quickly worsen and may lead to life-threatening conditions, and even death. If this has happened to you, seek the help of a Misdiagnosis Attorney Miami.

If you have been wrongly diagnosed by a doctor, and your condition has worsened, A Misdiagnosis Attorney Miami may be able to help.

What does misdiagnosis mean?

A misdiagnosis is an incorrect diagnosis of a person’s medical condition. Doctors and other medical professionals incorrectly diagnose a patient usually because negligence on their part.

Is misdiagnosis considered malpractice?

Misdiagnosis can be considered medical malpractice when the incorrect diagnosis is a result of a health care professional’s negligence. It is crucial to note that doctors and other health care practitioners are not legally required to give an accurate diagnosis 100 percent of the time. Even when tests and procedures are performed correctly, and evaluated by a professional and skilled doctor, a misdiagnosis can result. However, if a doctor provides insufficient care and substandard treatment resulting in a wrong diagnosis, and the patient experiences injury or further damage, this is considered medical malpractice.

However, if as a consequence of delivering inferior care, the patient is wrongly diagnosed or the health practitioner fails to diagnose the patient, and this causes injuries or harms to the patient, this is considered medical malpractice. A Miami injury lawyer can evaluate your case, and help you determine the next step.

Common types of Medical diagnosis errors

There are several types of medical diagnosis errors. Here are a few examples:

Wrong medical diagnosis

A wrong medical diagnosis is one that does not actually coincide with the diagnosis the patient actually has. This can mean that a patient is treated for a condition they do not have, therefore causing harm to the patient in addition to the harm already cause by the undiagnosed or misdiagnosed condition.

Failure to diagnose

One of the most common occurrences of medical negligence is when a doctor fails to treat the patient’s medical condition or simply dismisses the symptoms as minor or of not enough importance. This also can result in further harm and injury. Failure to diagnose is a medical or health care professional fails to make a connection between a patient’s symptoms and a specific medical illness or condition, and offers no course of treatment.

Delayed diagnosis

A delayed diagnosis is when a medical professional does not diagnose a patient in a timely manner and misses the connection between the symptoms and the medical condition. As a result, the patient does not receive treatment on time, and the condition may worsen and lead to serious health risks, injury and even death. One example is failure to diagnose cancer in time, causing it to spread and result in a deadly outcome.

Others medical errors related with diagnostic

Other medical errors can occur leading to medical misdiagnosis and malpractice. Researchers from Johns Hopskins University revealed that after reviewing 25 years’ worth of malpractice claims and payouts in the United States, they found that the largest amount were due to diagnostic errors. Other claims included failure to identify complications, which led to further and serious injury and even death. Some doctors fail to diagnose a related disease, which serves to only further complicate the main one, and lead to serious health problems as a result. Lastly, some doctors fail to diagnose unrelated second diseases, which may have an impact on the main diagnosis and can hinder the treatment prescribed.

Main difference between failure to diagnose and Misdiagnosis

The main difference between failure to diagnose and misdiagnosis is that the first is when a patient receives no diagnosis and no treatment for their medical condition. A misdiagnosis means that patient received the incorrect diagnosis and the incorrect treatment as a result.

What to do when a doctor misdiagnosed you?

If a medical professional fails to make a correct, appropriate, and timely diagnosis, you may take legal action against them by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Contact a Miami injury lawyer to guide you through the process of filing a claim.

Filing a lawsuit for misdiagnosis

In order to file a lawsuit for misdiagnosis, you must work with a misdiagnosis attorney to prove that the medical professional who treated you was negligent. Different ways that a doctor can be negligent can include not asking about your medical history, which is important because it alters to any previous medical conditions or risk factors that may worsen or develop without the proper treatment. Failure to run the proper tests and medical checks can lead to serious complications. Failure to recognize your symptoms or the misinterpretation of test results can also lead to misdiagnosis.

Following the advice of a Misdiagnosis attorney Miami in a misdiagnosis claim

It is important to follow the advice of a misdiagnosis attorney Miami when filing a misdiagnosis claim. A Miami injury attorney has the knowledge and expertise to help you file your claim and ensure you receive the best outcome. A malpractice attorney can guide you through your case, and guarantee that your rights are protected.

Who can be sued for misdiagnosis?

In the majority of cases, the primary doctor that saw you can be sued for misdiagnosis. In some more rare cases, other health care specialists can also be held responsible if their carelessness led to or contributed to harming the patient. These other specialists can include nurses, lab technicians, and other health care professionals who saw you. The reason for this is because most doctors work independently, and are not employees of hospitals. Therefore, most facilities cannot be held liable for that medical professional’s negligence.

Proving that misdiagnosis was the result of medical negligence

In order to prove that a misdiagnosis was a result of medical negligence, you must be able to show that the medical professional who saw you failed to diagnose you correctly because they gave you inferior care. Inferior care is when a doctor fails to properly treat and/or diagnose his or her patient. Some examples of misdiagnosis include misunderstanding and misreading lab results, diagnosis a malignant tumor as benign and vice versa, and failure to perform a test on a patient for a disease they are at risk for.

Showing how a misdiagnosis could affect the patient

A misdiagnosis can lead to the incorrect treatment for a patient’s condition, and this can delay the appropriate treatment. In some cases, this misdiagnosis can lead to serious injuries and even death. A doctor’s neglect or failure to look at a patient’s medical record and history can lead to grave consequences. A misdiagnosis attorney can help you prove that your doctor’s neglect led to your health problems.

Misdiagnosis lawsuit deadlines

To learn more about misdiagnosis lawsuit deadlines, it’s important to consult your Miami injury lawyer. We have the experienced and knowledgeable lawyers to help you with your case. Call us today.

Medical misdiagnosis compensation

Depending on your age, and the laws of state of Florida, and the nature of your injuries, compensation can vary. Each case is different and working with a misdiagnosis attorney can help you decide what the best course is to manage your situation.

A Misdiagnosis attorney Miami can help you

A Miami injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. If you feel and believe that you have suffered physical injury or losses due to a medical professional’s negligence, contact a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. As medical malpractice claims can be complex, it is important to seek professionals help right away. Our experienced Miami injury lawyers will be by your side each step of the way and help you through the process as smoothly as possible.