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Medications sold in the market today are more potent and advanced than ever. They target and treat some types of diseases or conditions. Yet when these prescription drugs are not administered properly, they may cause severe injuries and lead to unpredictable fatalities that require the professional counsel and guidance of a Miami prescription error attorney.

Pharmacists and other negligent parties may be held liable for injuries sustained in a pharmacy error or prescription drug mistake. With the help of a Miami prescription error attorney you can have all your questions answered and seek the compensation you deserve. For a free confidential case review, contact a Miami prescription error attorney today. Our seasoned legal team will accurately determine whether the pharmacist followed through the established industry practices or not.

What is a prescribing error?

These are the most common medication errors in primary care practices. Manufacturers should be extra careful when naming their drug products and unclear proprietary names for drug products should never be approved. However, it happens quite often when marketed products are recognized as the source of misunderstanding and mistake. And these mistakes can lead to adverse circumstances.

Types of prescription errors

Some of the common types of prescription errors and nursing medication errors may include:

  • Incorrect dose: When the right dose is not administered a patient can go into cardiac arrest, have a stroke, or even die from an overdose.
  • Wrong medication: Sometimes a patient is given a medication intended for another patient or a container filled at the pharmacy with the wrong meds. Patients are at the mercy of the pharmacy that fills the prescription or the nurse who administers the medication.
  • Drug interactions: Doctors and pharmacists should have the patient’s complete drug history in order to make sure any drugs the patient may be taking will not interact with each other. When drugs, even those taken according to the doctor’s orders, interact negatively with another drug already prescribed, severe injuries can occur.

Most common places where prescription errors occur

Prescription errors happen not only in hospital and doctor’s offices. They can also happen in nursing homes, pharmacies, and assisted living facilities. When someone is administered the wrong medication or wrong dose, the results can be devastating, and sometimes fatal. Contacting a Miami injury lawyer should be the first step in obtaining both the justice and compensation you deserve. With exemplary legal representation you can move forward in your case.

Prescription errors in hospitals

Prescription errors such as medication administrations, a prescribing error, patient compliance error, or dispensing error, are common in hospitals. These errors can be prevented if the right steps are taken before administering these medications. Increasing patient safety should be top priority for all hospitals across our nation.

Oftentimes, the most significant cause of prescription errors is lack of pharmacological knowledge. These errors must be reported immediately. They will help increase patient safety and prevent the same mistakes from happening again.

Prescription errors in pharmacy

Some of the most common prescription errors in pharmacy:

  • It happened: This means that some errors, which happen occasionally, cannot be prevented. The individual making the mistake is simply stressed out about it and he or she will make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Incorrect procedure: This is when someone fails to accurately follow the procedure, which may lead to the error. These errors can be prevented. A deliberate mistake or willful violation of policies already established are generally caused by irresponsible people who should be terminated, or perhaps sincere people who are simply overworked.
  • Lack of procedure: This is when there are not enough processes in order to prevent the error from happening. It’s generally the management’s fault. Employees should not be blamed. The leadership should act responsibly and train everyone to do a good job.

Who is liable for Prescription errors?

Manufacturers should perform their due diligence when classifying their prescribed medications and strive to stop the approval of confusing brand names for their drug products. There are instances of adverse actions where a name of a product being marketed is recognized as a source of confusion and error. Liability for prescription mistakes are sometimes hard to assign. Some factors are involved in these types of cases, which are often the injuries suffered. The key to determining liability is investigating what exactly happened and that can be accomplished with the help of a Miami injury lawyer. Pharmaceutical and medical records together with nurse’s charts are vital to recreating the story and seeing the whole picture more clearly.

Helping victims of prescription errors in Miami

The number of patients treated in hospitals for problems related to medication error has significantly increased in recent years. When the wrong medication is given at the pharmacy, patients run the risk of suffering severe injuries. Victims should not suffer the effects of negligent pharmacists. You can find out about your legal rights with the help of a Miami injury lawyer.