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Anytime patients fail to take medications as prescribed they run the risk of abusing them or becoming addicted to them. For example, when a physician prescribes a med to be taken several times a day for a few days and the patient takes less or more than what was prescribed, generally speaking, that can be called prescription drug abuse. A Miami prescription drug lawsuit attorney can investigate the situation to determine whether or not there is a cause to be penalized. Hiring a Miami prescription drug lawsuit attorney is the most important and first step that must be taken in the process of filing a lawsuit.

What are dangerous drugs?

A dangerous drug is any drug that can affect you both physically and psychologically. These days many teens use these dangerous drugs for recreational purposes. Although many pills look the same, you should make sure you read about what was prescribed.

Everybody has different body chemistry and therefore they may react differently to these medications. Some of these drugs can be serious health risks for those taking them. This is why they should be administered under the care of a physician.

Liability for dangerous drugs injuries

Many Americans are injured every year by dangerous medicines and/or medical devices sold without proper or enough testing, warnings or safeguards. If you have been affected by these drugs are supposed you have the right to sue in order to recover lost income and obtain compensation resulting from a serious disability and in some cases, death.

Liability means who is responsible? Manufacturers of prescription drugs are supposed to submit these medications to rigorous safety-testing as required by law. Manufacturers can sometimes claim their products can cure some conditions other than the ones they were approved for. In some cases, they even lie about the tests results and rush their products to the market. When one of these drugs hurts someone it will lead to some legal consequences. The injured person can bring a legal claim against the manufacturer for failing to warn people about the dangers of this drug.

Prescription Drug Injuries

A high percentage of injuries are caused by prescription errors like for example, giving the wrong drug or dosage to the patient. Other injuries can occur because of poor follow up. Examples of these mistakes comprise the doctor failing to order lab tests after the patient began taking the drug and also because patients were either sharing their drugs or not taking them as prescribed. Another percentage of injuries occur because of patient errors. Patients should be more cautious about the type of drugs they are taking and understand how these medications interact with other prescription drugs they may be taking.

Some common injuries include:

  • Diabetes
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Stroke due to hemorrhages
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Internal organ damage

How a Prescription drug lawsuit attorney can help you

Many Americans rely on pharmaceuticals to cure their illnesses and improve their quality of life. When these medications are not performing as intended they can lead to serious and fatal injuries and companies manufacturing them should be liable for manufacturing and selling them. A Miami injury lawyer can provide you with representation in these complex cases. Gallardo has helped consumers and businesses alike in South Florida to find financial relieve through class action lawsuits against these drug companies.

Lawsuits against drug companies

An FDA classification leads to a drug recall and once the injury occurs a lawsuit is filed. These lawsuits fall under a variety of categories, which may include product liability, drug injury, and medical malpractice lawsuits brought against drug companies. These companies usually anticipate some injuries and have many strategies to handle lawsuits. This is why talking to a qualified prescription drug lawsuit attorney can be helpful.

Examples of dangerous drugs

There has been a lot of research done over the years about the most dangerous prescription drugs. Among the most commonly abused prescribed drugs are:

  • Cortisone or Prednisone: This medicine is not taken for more than 2 weeks. It works great in the short term. However, the long-term effects can be devastating to the body. Some people in the nursing home have been affected by this drug. Among the most common side effects are: high blood pressure, fluid retention, thin fragile skin, peptic ulcers, poor wound healing etc.
  • Methotrexate: It’s used to treat rheumatoid arthritis together with prednisone. This is a dangerous combination particularly when used for a long time.
  • Cholesterol lowering drugs: Some of these drugs can increase deaths from non-cardiac causes and have considerable side effects such as great bleeding conditions, problems with vision, and high triglyceride levels.
  • Prozac and drugs prescribed for depression: Although not that harmful, they can be very addictive. They alter the mechanism that balances levels of a neurotransmitter serotonin, which affects agitation, mood, sleep, and anxiety.

Legal representation from a Miami Prescription drug lawsuit attorney

When you are uncertain about what’s the legal path to take and you have questions or concerns about your circumstances, seeking the advice of a Miami personal injury lawyer may be the best option. Everyone deserves to know their legal rights and options available on their specific case. Consider what we could achieve by representing you. Learn about our talented lawyers and contact us today.