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Manufactures and designers have an obligation to ensure the safety of the products they make. They should at least warn about any potential dangers. When a consumer is injured from a defect in one of these products or from deceptive marketing, they may have a case to receive financial compensation from the manufacturer. With the help of a defective product lawyer Miami you will be able to obtain the compensation you deserve. A defective product lawyer Miami can give you an honest assessment of your claims. The legal counsel of a defective product lawyer Miami is priceless. Learn more about how we may be able to assist you with your case.

What is a defective product?

This is when a product causes an injury to an individual due to the labeling, a design defect or faulty manufacturing. Some defective products include medical devices, food items, exercise equipment, etc. The law governing these faulty products is called “product liability” and it makes the designer, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer accountable.

Most common defective product cases

Among the most common defective product cases are:

  • Design defects: These are the defects present in the product from the start right before the product was manufactured. What it means is that the product is unsafe and every item designed in like manner will be defective as well.
  • Manufacturer defects: This is when there is a problem with the manufacturing or assembling the product.
  • Marketing defects: This has to do with the way the product is marketed like the wrong labeling, not enough instructions or insufficient warnings.

Car recalls and Defective auto parts

Traffic crashes are one of the main causes of injuries in the United States. A defective auto part includes any defect in construction, performance, a material or component of a vehicle part or equipment. Some safety defects are, for example, when there is a problem with the motor vehicle item or equipment that poses a risk to the safety of the individuals operating the vehicle and passengers as well.

Some defects safety-related include:

  • Steering components causing the driver to loss control of the vehicle.
  • Complications with fuel system components.
  • Accelerator controls that stick or break.
  • Wheels that break or crack causing loss in vehicle control.
  • Cooling fan blades in the engine that break.
  • Wiring system problems that cause loss of lighting or fire.
  • Airbags deploying when they are not supposed to.
  • Child safety seats with defective safety bells, buckles or any other part that creates a risk of injury.

Defects not related to safety include:

  • Radios and air conditioners that don’t operate as intended.
  • Equipment that needs to be replaced and maintained periodically.
  • Cosmetic blemishes and the quality of the paint.
  • Engines consuming too much oil.
  • Body panel rust.

Lemon law for cars

Under Florida Lemon Law car owners who encounter problems with a defective vehicle have the right to arbitration, which can result in a full refund or replacement automobile. This law only applies to purchasing or leasing a new car. It all depends on the type of defect your vehicle has, the manufacturer may be able to refund your money or replace the vehicle. In order to be eligible for this law you must meet certain conditions such as:

  • The defect impairing the use and safety of the car.
  • The car should have been taken about 3 times for repair.
  • Vehicle out of service for a minimum of 15 days.

Consumer products

Every year many people suffer severe injuries caused by consumer products. A consumer product is any tangible product sold in the market that is used for non-business purpose. In order to determine which item is a consumer product there needs to be a genuine finding, which will vary by jurisdiction. A lawyer for defective product can handle your case and help you get compensation for faulty goods.

Defective medical devices

The FDA is in charge of monitoring medical devices in the United States. Devices such as ultrasound, x-ray machines, pacemakers, heart valves, etc. must first obtain approval for marketing by the FDA. Although the FDA may approve some of these devices for a specific use, a physician may prescribe it for other uses as well. The FDA can only govern how the product is marketed. If there is a failure with one of these devices, the FDA must be notified immediately. Contact a Miami injury lawyer if you need help with defective product cases.

Complaints and Customers rights on faulty goods

After a product or item has been purchased and you experience a problem, you have the right to file a complaint. Among the most important steps you take are:

  • Gathering supporting documents: This will include contracts, sales receipts, warranties, e-mails, etc.
  • Get in touch with the seller: It’s most preferable in writing. Contact customer service rep or sales person and if this doesn’t work then contact the manager or supervisor. And when this fails you may have to contact the national headquarters.
  • Contact third parties: This is when you have to contact the local consumer protection offices or other third parties having jurisdiction over the seller. You can also notify the Better Business Bureau in your area.
  • Seek legal assistance: When things don’t work out you may have to solve your problem through the legal system. A defective product lawyer Miami will be able to assist you.

Consider filing a Defective product lawsuit

Consumer product lawsuits are generally based on the awareness that manufacturers are responsible for stopping the sale and distribution of defective products. Defective product lawsuits must be filed during a certain period of time. If you don’t follow the statute of limitations your right to sue can be jeopardized. Oftentimes, when someone is injured by a defective product, other consumers have been inured as well. You can join a lawsuit with them called a ‘mass tort.’ You need to prove in court the defective product caused the injuries and prove the manufacturer didn’t make the product according to the way it was planned and designed. A lawsuit can also be filed if the user believes the instructions to use the product were not clear enough.

Taking action with the help of a defective product lawyer Miami

Personal injury lawsuits are difficult to handle on your own. Manufacturers generally hire good lawyers and they have sufficient money to invest on the case. As the person filing the lawsuit you should have a defective product lawyer Miami guiding you through the whole process. Such lawsuits require the professional guidance of an attorney. A Miami injury lawyer will help you convince the court that the product was faulty or unsafe.