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Brain injuries are traumatic events that can change a person’s life forever, but many times go undetected until it’s too late. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, a brain injury lawyer Miami understands the devastating emotional and financial burden this type of trauma places on families. A brain injury lawyer Miami can help you build a strong and solid case for your rightful compensation. While reversing the physical damage may not be possible, a brain injury lawyer can get you the help you need to settle your case with the entity or company responsible. Because of the complexities of a case of this nature, as well as the expense, a highly experienced and qualified brain injury lawyer is needed. While a brain injury can be obvious at times, many of the signs can be subtle and overlooked by medical professionals. We understand the difficulties you are facing and are here to see to it that you get the compensation you deserve.

Types of brain injuries by definition

There are different types of brain injuries and they can range from mild to severe. It is important to contact a Miami injury lawyer to discuss your specific case and medical history to determine what course of action is best for you.

Traumatic brain injury

A severe brain injury is the type that physically impacts the structure or functioning of the human brain. No two injuries are alike, and each presents different symptoms. These types of injuries do not heal the same as a broken bone. Recovery is long and difficult, and the person may never be the same as a result. Symptoms may be immediately obvious and detectable, while other may take days or weeks to appear.

Acquired brain injury

This type of injury is defined to include all kinds of traumatic brain injuries. It is also used to describe any brain injuries that are caused to someone after birth through either stroke or lack of oxygen to the brain. These injuries are not inherited, or related to any degenerative or congenital diseases

Main causes of traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries are the cause of 50,000 deaths a year, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Also, there are roughly 1.5 million people in this country who suffer from TBI, and about 85,000 of them deal with disabilities for the rest of their lives. The causes of traumatic brain injuries vary, and can include the following: car accident, gunshot wounds, falls, chemical poisoning, hypoxia or lack of oxygen to the brain, tumors, infections, and strokes, among others

Brain injuries from falls

Falls can cause a traumatic brain injury. Older adults and young children are especially at risk. These injuries can be caused by several factors including slipping in the shower or bath, falling out of bed, slipping and falling from ladders, tripping and falling down a staircase. All these and other related injuries can lead to head trauma.

Traumatic brain injury from car accident

Any heavy impact including car and motorcycle accidents can lead to a traumatic brain injury. Over half of all reported TBI’s are a result of head trauma sustained in a vehicular accident. The impact of the accident can cause the brain the hit the skull and cause lasting effects. If you or someone you love has suffered a TBI as a result of a car accident, contact a Miami injury lawyer who can help.

Brain injury by bullet wounds or penetrating objects

Approximately 20 percent of TBI’s are the result of violence, gunshot wounds, and penetrating objects resulting from combat or explosions. Penetrating wounds caused by bullets, shrapnel or debris can result in a traumatic brain injury. Military personnel are particularly prone to TBI’s as a result of explosive blasts during combat. Also, head wounds acquired as a result of flying shrapnel penetrating the skull can cause a severe impact on brain function.

Brain damage during birth

Brain damage during birth can be a result of hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen to the brain. Jaundice, trauma during delivery and infections in the mother can also be a result of birth related TBI’s. The extent of the damage to newborns varies from case to case and may lead to a number of physical and psychological disabilities.

Effects of traumatic brain injury

Different types of brain injuries can result in different physical and mental disabilities. They can be classified as mild or severe. Mild cases are characterized by a loss of consciousness and/or disorientation that lasts less than 30 minutes. Scans and test result can appear normal, but the person usually exhibits cognitive difficulties including headaches, problems thinking clearly, issues remembering things, deficits in attention, agitation, frustration, and mood swings. The effects of this type of injury can still be devastating despite their mild classification. Get help from a Miami injury lawyer right away to make your case.

Severe brain injuries are a result of a loss of consciousness and/or disorientation that lasts more than 30 minutes. Memory loss that lasts more than 24 hours after an injury of this type also makes it severe. The consequences of this type of TBI are much more complex and devastating. The result of the injuries can vary from the damage of cognitive function to a vegetative state. Those who suffer from this type of severe injury can experience loss of emotional expression, unusual or abnormal speech and language skills, loss of limb function, among other things. The range of these injuries can vary according to the person and their particular situation.

The short and long term effects of a traumatic brain injury can be overwhelming to both the individual who suffers with it and those who love them most. Those who suffer from severe cases can be left in a comatose state for a large period of time, and may never recover. Other may need to undergo rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. Even in mild cases, a TBI can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life. Family, career, social, and community lives and interactions will be forever changed as a result.

Finding a Brain injury lawyer Miami to handle your case

Getting in touch with a brain injury lawyer Miami who can help you through every step of the process is crucial. Our Miami injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle your case and make sure your rights are upheld and your needs are met.

Brain injury lawsuit

If you believe your traumatic brain injury or that of a loved one’s was caused by someone else, you have the right to file a lawsuit. Speak to a qualified brain injury lawsuit attorney, and get the help you deserve.

Evaluating damages caused by the brain injury

Loss of earning capacity is the first factor taken in consideration in a TBI claim. This step usually involves an expert who can testify about how much of your lifetime earnings will be lost as a result of your injuries. Your TBI may impact a number of areas in your life including your ability to work, resulting in a loss of income and other financial burdens.

Life Care Costs include anything that involved expenses related to your need for medication, physical therapy, and other future needs. All of these arrangements must be made in order to protect the injured individual and the person in charge of the care and health.

Pain and Suffering caused by your injuries may also be taken into account and serve to back up your claim in court.

Traumatic brain injury cases Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for traumatic brain injury cases varies by state. In the state of Florida, the statute is typically four years. Speak to a Miami injury attorney about your case as soon as possible to learn more

The date when the Injury was discovered

You may rely on Florida’s discovery rule. This means that according to the statute of limitations, your case does not start until the TBI is discovered. Therefore, if you did not realize you had a brain injury, then your statute of limitations should start at the date of the discovery.

Brain injury lawsuit settlements

Traumatic brain injury cases and claims typically exceed $100,000, and may even reach the millions. Settlements and awards can be broken down into several categories including attorney’s fees, medical bills, attainment of medical records, and finally the amount given to the injured party.

Expenses in a TBI cases

Expenses for a TBI case may vary depending on your lawyer or law firm you choose to go with. Some fees include charges for damage experts, medical experts, court fees and expenses, witness interviewing, etc.

A Miami injury lawyer experienced in dealing with traumatic brain injury cases understands the financial complexities, and will guide you every step of the way.

Consulting a competent Brain injury lawyer Miami

The sooner you consult with an experienced a qualified brain injury lawyer Miami, the better your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Trust in our dedicated and professional attorneys to guide you through each step of the process, and take the guess work out of filing the appropriate paperwork and claims. Get the help and legal advice you need today.