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Gallardo Injury Lawyers represents hundreds of families across South Florida. Thanks to the experience, knowledge, and dedication of our lawyers, we have helped our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to. Our firm specializes in helping individuals that have been injured in multiple types of accidents. Whether at home, work, at the store, parking lot, or at any other place, accidents can occur and that’s what we are here for, to walk you through the aftermath.

With qualified personal injury attorneys by your side, you will never have to worry about being wrongfully accused, liability charges or fraud. Each lawyer in our network specializes in these types of cases and you know you have a professional working on your side. It doesn’t matter which of our lawyers you choose, they will work hard to ensure your case is processed quickly and you obtain the maximum compensation.

Personal injury laws are different in Florida and unless you are familiar with these laws you won’t be able to move forward on your case. A lawyer can help you interpret and apply those laws to your specific case. It’s advisable hiring a Gallardo Injury Lawyers that specializes in personal injury claims and knows your legal rights.