Slip and Fall Lawyer

Our slip and fall personal injury attorneys are experts at understanding the law revolving around this complex cases. You will know what to do in case of an accident…

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Car Accident Lawyer

Our experience dealing with difficult automobile accidents in south Florida has paved the road for success. We get legal compensation for all the damaged received…

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When medical providers fail, we take over. Our medical malpractice attorneys will seek due legal compensation for such incidences when they occur…

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Legal Services from Gallardo Injury Lawyers

Welcome, Gallardo Injury Lawyers has a comfortable office in Miami. For several years, the attorneys at Gallardo Injury Lawyers in Miami have been defending the rights of customers who have chosen us to represent them. Our legal team is comprised of qualified, dedicated attorneys, and experienced, and also with high ethical standards in the profession of lawyers to ensure that you receive the care, guidance, and the best result that you deserve in the legal case.

Gallardo Injury Lawyers exists to serve those who find it difficult to obtain competent legal advice and reasonably economical. Our practice areas include but are not limited to auto accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, slip and fall injury accidents, wrongful death, dangerous drugs, and defective products. Gallardo’s experienced attorneys can represent you in court and achieve the results you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawsuit

In order to win damages in court several facts must be taken into account. Although lawsuits can vary, the basic steps are always the same. Each case, regardless of how complex it might be, always has liability and damages. If liability and damages are proved, you will be awarded compensation for your lost.

Personal Injury Settlement

Personal Injury Settlement

Regardless of your personal injury case, whether it was a car accident or a dog bite, when you are injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence, you usually have the legal right to get compensation. If you find yourself in a situation like that and you need to file a personal injury claim, a personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the whole process with ease.

Financing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Financing an Injury Lawsuit

When you file a personal injury lawsuit you may be entitled to get compensation for all the physical and psychological harm received. These types of lawsuits can be costly particularly when they go to trial. Most personal injury lawyers will accept a contingency fee, which means that they are only paid when they win your case. There are also other financing options available.

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Miami Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can differ in nature and eligibility. It’s not important to know whether the other party was responsible or not. As long as you suspect the other person is liable for your injuries, this is sufficient to seek legal counsel and start an investigation with a Gallardo Injury lawyer. Regardless of your type of case, the damages recovered are intended to assist you.

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Defend Your Rights

We welcome you to Gallardo Injury Lawyers. This website was designed to help all our visitors and clients learn more about the different categories of personal injury cases. Some people may browse our website simply to research while others will seek our services. We offer valuable information that will help you learn more about how our Miami personal injury lawyers can help you.

Through the years, our attorneys have been successful at representing individuals across South Florida. We understand it can be hard to deal with the many costs associated with severe personal injury. We have attorneys who handle all sorts of personal injury cases such as slips and falls, car accidents, medical malpractices, wrongful death, and much more.

Our attorneys will settle for nothing but the best. Learn about our competent lawyers profiled here striving to succeed in this field, and next time you need an attorney because you have suffered a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence, contact us.

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